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On the northern side of the Wooler to Kirknewton road, where it crests a small knoll rising amidst bare Northumbrian fields, stands a monument marking the site of one of the most evocative archaeological stories in the UK. A tale which involves one of the most remarkable discoveries of the 20th century.

Around 1300 years ago great timber halls stood here, marking the site of the royal residence of early Anglo-Saxon kings. In AD731 the scholar Bede records that  while king Edwin and his queen were residing here, the queen’s bishop, Paulinus, baptised many in the nearby river Glen.

In 2002 Ad Gefrin, the physical site and the ongoing story, passed into the hands of The Gefrin Trust. Our aim is to preserve, investigate and recount the history and impact of this important site in the north Cheviot hills, from prehistory right up to the latest investigations and finds.

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Latest News

The Gefrin Trust are delighted to be collaborating with the Ad Gefrin Anglo-Saxon Museum and Whisky Distillery in Wooler. We have loaned several objects to the new museum for display in their exhibition.
The partnership provides mutual support and expertise to promote the unique connection between our site at Yeavering (the inspiration for the name of the distillery) and the new museum that will form part of Ad Gefrin. We look forward to building our partnership over the coming years.

A Persistent Place

We were delighted to have the team from Archaeological Research Services working with us as part of our 2021 excavation project at Yeavering. Watch their excellent short video on the link below.


The 2021 Excavations

Delivered to the Border Archaeological Society Berwick Upon Tweed 7th February 2022 our first online talk covers the context and initial results from the 2021 excavations at Yeavering.


Featured Articles


The Yeavering Stone

A recent photogrammetry survey allows us to present a digital model of this important monolith, associated with a nearby henge structure, for the very first time.


The Lost Centuries

The Gefrin Trust is delighted to present a digitally restored episode from Anglia Television's 'The Lost Centuries', written and presented by Brian Hope-Taylor.

Burial 3D art

Hope-Taylor in 3D

Ground-breaking digital techniques allow us to create 3D models of Brian Hope-Taylor's original excavation trenches at Yeavering from original excavation photographs.

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