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Royal Residences Network

The Royal Residences Project is an AHRC-funded network which brought together scholars from different countries and disciplinary backgrounds to reflect upon and interpret a major influx of new evidence for sites of royal residence in early medieval Britain.

Representatives from The Gefrin Trust and Durham University participated in this workshop programme in 2016.


Led by Dr Gabor Thomas of Reading University, and Dr Gordon Noble of Aberdeen University, the network explored the emergence of sites of royal and aristocratic power in Britain and Europe in the fifth to ninth centuries AD. The past five years have seen the initiation of five research projects, each examining or seeking to reassess sites of royal residence on an ambitious scale, and the work The Gefrin Trust with Durham University is one of these projects. We used these workshops to share findings, compare methodologies and question assumptions, and open up this dialogue to leading national and international scholars to develop comparative interdisciplinary perspectives. You can read about the workshops, hear about our outcomes, and listen to some of the lectures at the Royal Residences Network website.

Key Stage 2 teaching pack

A key aim has been to raise public awareness of the rarity of these palace sites and their cultural significance. A ‘virtual exhibition’ page is available at Royal Residences Network and a teaching resource tailored to Key Stage 2. These are just some of the outcomes designed to reach the interested public and schools. The KS2 Teaching Resource with classroom activities that create added value to KS2 history teaching is available here. You can access and download the whole resource or individual sections from the Royal Residences Network website or from the links below.

The site of Yeavering in Northumberland, an ancient palace connected to the development of the first kingdom of Northumbria, forms part of the teaching materials. If you wish to combine use of this teaching resource with an on-site class visit to Yeavering to meet experts from the Trust, please contact The Gefrin Trust via our contact form.

Key Stage 2 Downloads

  Introduction (202 KB)

  Glossary (51 KB)

  The Five Archaeological Sites (2.9 MB)

  Historic Texts (1.3 MB)

  Place Names (178 KB)

  Aerial Photography (1.6 MB)

  Building foundation (4.4MB)

  Great Hall Activities (2.6 MB)

  Exotic Finds (5.1 MB)