Geophysics in actionIn 2006-7 
the Trust initiated a new phase of research-led exploration at Yeavering in partnership with the Department of Archaeology, Durham University.

One of the major factors in embarking upon this programme was the availability of a whole range of new, non-intrusive ways to explore archaeological sites. These techniques allow more information than ever before to be gathered without damaging the fragile and finite archaeological remains.

The techniques here include Caesium Gradiometry, Resistivity and Ground Penetrating Radar.

Another exciting new technique we have used at the site is Lidar or Light Detection and Ranging. As this is not strictly Geophysics, we have included details of this technique on our Aerial Photographs page.

What Next..?

The current fieldwork
 represents a period of pilot survey during which combined non-intrusive techniques are being tested out on the known area of the Anglo-Saxon palace.

The primary aim is to confirm and further define areas of known prehistoric and historic activity.

Simultaneously it is proposed to compare different combinations of techniques on the geology and topography of the valley with a view to extending the survey to explore the wider hinterland.