The Hope-Taylor Finds


Many types of prehistoric pottery
 and early Anglo-Saxon wares are generally poorly fired, and the soft and friable fabric is susceptible to acid soils.

Replica Pottery

Most of the pottery
 found by Hope-Taylor at Yeavering was in such poor condition that many fragments could only be recorded by illustration before crumbling into clay fragments. Reproductions of some of the pottery (above) were created by Graham Taylor for our exhibition at Bede's World, Jarrow.

Much of the prehistoric pottery was used as containers for human cremated remains; the Anglo-Saxon and British pottery however was predominantly used for cooking, serving food and holding water and even mead.

A considerable collection of pot sherds – broken pieces of pottery - were found within the archive. The discovery of native British pottery, in some quantity, was a revelation. Our knowledge about native wares from the region is extremely limited and this material constitutes the type archive against which future discoveries will be set.

Click on the sherds below to see some examples.

Pottery fragment